Jerry Metellus

MOTTOS: “Do it seriously, Don’t take it seriously! It’s Entertainment!” and “It is the duty of the standing to lend a hand to the fallen, regardless of the cause of the fall!”

FROM: Planet Earth by  way of Haitian parents, born in New York, grew up in Montreal, Canada. Lived in Tokyo, Paris, Milan, Norway.


LANGUAGES: French, Hairtian Creole, English and some Italian. And no, it’s not to impress the Ladies…

TRAITS: They say that I’m a ‘badass’ photographer who can handle just about any situation with mad people skills. From an early fascination with cameras, the limelight, Life on stage and the world of fashion, I started off in front of the camera as a model, dancer and actor.

DOES: I enjoy Life insanely. I shoot lots of people with a Canon (most survive the experience). Keen at Directing any living being my lens is aimed at.

LIKES: Just about everyone and everything

DISLIKES: People who walk around with the belief that the Center of the Universe was lost and magically reappeared somewhere in the vicinity of their belly button.

CHALLENGES: I Love to identify, examine and confront them in order to find harmonious solutions.

LOVES: Traveling. Particularly to Europe. More specifically to Paris, Milan and Tuscany, Rome. To be added: Bali, South Africa, Australia, Kenya, Egypt…and wherever you want to take me. I make a great traveling buddy!

CLAIM TO FAME: Pick one! Heck if I know…Oh oh oh: appeared as a guest photographer on ANTM, Cycle 13, 14 and 17. Also worked with a list of folks. Namely: MTV, TV Guide, Paula Abdul, Jerry Seinfeld, B.B. King, Celine Dion, David Foster, most of the main Las Vegas Hotel and Casinos, numerous ad agencies and several print publications. In short, a whole lot of satisfied clients.

WORKS BEST WITH: People with a twisted sense of humor and an occasional potty mouth…when kids aren’t around.

To be continued…