Jennifer Marks

“In need of a new female singer/songwriter?” asked Billboard in a review of the songwriting on Jennifer Marks’ self-titled CD (Bardic Records, 2004). “How about one that creates catchy, well-crafted pop songs? Do yourself a favor and snag yourself a copy of this hook-laden delight,” concluded the report.

Praise for Marks’ ability to transform every-day situations into contagious, clever, sing-alongs has been recognized by teen magazine YM: “Jennifer writes what many girls think, but are afraid to say,” said YM. “Her fun, irreverent, anthems are the perfect soundtrack to any girl’s life.”

CMJ New Music Monthly remarks on her darker side: “Singer/songwriter Jennifer Marks bears a musical resemblance to Aimee Mann, though Marks’ style is slightly edgier” says CMJ Music Monthly. Her lyrics are always poignant and engaging… “and her arrangements are equally gorgeous and entrancing.”

The versatile Long Island, NY native has done more than collect headlines with her sounds. Marks’ has created a songwriting career for herself out of her own resources and on her own terms. She signed her first publishing deal with Windswept Pacific and eventually went at it alone releasing three CDs, Pizza, My Name’s Not Red, and It Turned Me On, before testing the waters as a national touring artist supporting her last CD, Jennifer Marks on the roster of indie startup label Bardic Records (a Sony subsidiary). The album’s single “Live” hit R&R Hot AC radio charts and Marks toured across the United States building a sizable cult audience along the way. When her good-natured melodies caught the ears of pop icon Cyndi Lauper she was offered the opening slot on Lauper’s At Last tour. Lauper quickly took increased interest in Marks’ ability and the two began collaborating together.

Marks’ also actively markets her songs commercially. While Starbucks licensed the song “Really Something” to play in their stores nationally, Mattel also featured “Live” in their Barbie doll DVD titled “Masquerade Madness.” And “Live” was also selected by Music Supervisors at DreamWorks for inclusion in the trailer for the movie The Terminal starring Tom Hanks.

Music Connection Magazine sums Marks up well: “Her songs are catchy, yet, these infectious tunes stand apart from many in the mainstream in that she writes her own lyrics, and they are actually intelligent.”