The Omnitone is a professional Las Vegas recording studio founded by Darren Sher, an experienced music producer and songwriter. Darren’s lifelong passion for music began as a child when he took up the piano at age 4. He was mentored by major names in the music business such as Jonathan Cain (Journey) and eventually made the transition from musician to music producer.

Darren has been involved in producing music for various big-name artists across the industry, and his name is featured in the credits of many world-class albums and singles. Personally, he’s produced, engineered, and written songs that have been featured in film and television soundtracks. Recently, Darren’s works have charted on Billboard working with artist Rosalee and the legendary Snoop Dogg.  When musicians and music artists in Las Vegas need professional quality studio production work done, Darren’s who they turn to, and The Omnitone Recording Studio is where they record.

Full service recording studio in Vegas

The Omnitone Recording Studios has been used by countless big-name musicians and stars; it is home to a production team who has worked with artists ranging from Celine Dion to Snoop Dogg. It caters to up-and-coming talent as well. In fact, The Omnitone Las Vegas recording studio has everything on hand that aspiring musicians and seasoned professionals would need to record an industry standard-sounding single or album.

Just bring the musical talent, and we at The Omnitone will do the rest, with our elite group of A–list, awarding-winning recording professionals, producers, programmers, mixers, and songwriters. The equipment used by The Omnitone recording studio is likewise the best available. You can browse our gallery to get a look at our state-of-the-art control room, live room, vocal booth, and the rest of the studio.

Expert team of recording professionals

When we mentioned that our team here at The Omnitone was made up of an elite group of professionals, we weren’t exaggerating. Indeed, The Omnitone crew includes Grammy-award winners among its talented lineup.

Our mastering engineer Brad Blackwood won a Grammy for Best Engineered Album, and he’s worked with a variety of very well-known artists, such as the Black Eyed Peas, Korn, and Maroon 5 throughout his storied career. Our other team members, including our mixer Jeff Juliano (John Mayer – Room For Squares, Life House, Train, Paramore, Dave Matthews, etc.), songwriter Jennifer Marks and producer/arranger/programmer Steve Skinner (The Bee Gees, R. Kelly, Celine Dion, Jewel, etc.), have equally impressive resumes. Together they’ve worked on some of the best-selling albums ever made.