About The Omnitone

Meet Darren Sher, your recording artist in las vegas
The Omnitone is a world class full service music studio in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Founded by Producer/Songwriter Darren Sher, The Omnitone is designed for anyone from the most seasoned artist to the aspiring singer/songwriter that has the raw talent and ability but is looking for the right vehicle to take them to that next step. Indeed what makes The Omnitone unique is that they recognize and cater to the fact that not every artist comes in on equal ground. The more seasoned clients may have carefully worked out songs complete with lyrics and arrangements fully prepared to go right to the recording stage. On the other end of the spectrum, a budding artist, whether on their own or with the support of a sponsor may come in with nothing but inspiration, a good singing voice and a willingness to learn. In that case The Omnitone Team are experts at music production and we can write from scratch or help develop musical ideas, arranging them and putting together the musicians to lay down the tracks bringing the composition to life in stunning fidelity.

No matter where they are at artistically, every Omnitone client has the benefit of Sher’s experience and expertise as well as that of the Omnitone Team, an elite group of award-winning recording professionals (programmers, mixers, songwriters, arrangers) who have individually and collectively worked with and recorded some of the biggest names in the music business including Celine Dion and Jonathan Cain (Journey) and Snoop Dogg  to name just a few.

“Making Records not Demos” is the Omnitone motto and they are able to achieve this level of excellence in every project. The results speak for themselves as Sher and the Team have had countless success stories with Billboard charting tunes and song placements in TV, film, advertising and live production shows. If you’re looking for a super producer and a music studio to give you the best possible sound for your song, look no further.

“Every recording situation is different,” remarks Sher about the clientele he’s worked with over the years. “In the studio we’ve had full bands, solo vocalists and song writers of varying levels of musical ability.” Part of Sher’s job is to confer with the artist to determine their goals for the session and for the finished product. The Artist ultimately walks away with a single, EP or a full album’s worth of material that holds its own with the quality of today’s radio hits. “There’s a very special feeling of having your own original record album. It’s unlike anything else in the world and I truly believe that most people who have a passion for music have at least one great song in them. Our job at the Omnitone Recording Studios is to merge the talents of the Team and the Artist to draw that out.”

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