Darren Sher

Anyone who has worked in a Nevada recording studio with Darren Sher is immediately struck by his dedication, commitment to his craft and by his attention to detail doing what it takes to get it “just right”. Darren has all the skills you would look for in a great music producer; phenomenal talent, a raw passion for music, a great ear, amazing technical skill and an unflappable work ethic.


At a very young age, Darren took to the piano. By the age of 10 he came to be regarded as a protégé at his craft. This potential was soon recognized, encouraged and nurtured by some of the biggest names in the recording industry. Nancy Wilson of “Heart”, Jonathan Cain of “Journey”, Gordon Bahari (who worked with Stevie Wonder) and Matt Martone (of “3 Doors Down”) are but a few who played significant roles as mentors or in co-creative projects as Darren made the transition from musician to producer.


Today Darren has come to be regarded as the “go to guy” in Las Vegas for musicians, singers and song writers who have arrived at the point where they are ready to make pro-quality studio recordings. Darren has been instrumental in the development of many new and emerging artists as well as those with numerous credits for charting singles and albums worldwide. He has also engineered produced and/or written songs for nationally televised programs, film and TV sound tracks and for live production shows. Probably his proudest accomplishment is the growing list of artists who, once having worked with Darren at his Omnitone Nevada music studio, would not consider recording with anyone else at the controls!


Darren brings all of this experience, expertise and a heartfelt passion to every project he is associated with.