What to Expect in a Las Vegas Recording Studio

Las Vegas recording studioAs every artist and musician in the industry can attest, it all started by recording a few songs right in their own home. Whether these low-quality tracks are for demos, applications, competitions, etc, recording your music as you envisioned it can be as important as writing it in the first place. That’s where a professional Las Vegas recording studio come in.

No one will be surprised to find out that home recordings really just won’t do. At some point, even with the best home recording equipment and software today, you’ll end up wanting the advantages and technology that only a proper recording studio can provide.

Here are some details on what you can expect in a professional recording studio.

Room Setup

The studio you’re going to work in will usually be split into three rooms: the live room, where the performers will be; the control room, where all producers and engineers will control the equipment that captures all sounds; and the machine room, where everything noisy that can interfere with recording is placed.

Live rooms can also be split into different rooms or sections. Often, separate isolated booths are specialized to record vocals, acoustic musical instruments, or drums and percussion. This will make sure that sound from one component doesn’t leak to another.

Recording Process

There are two basic ways that actual recording can go, and the choice is up to you. You can either perform the whole composition at once, or perform each separate component and mix it later. Usually, the latter is more popular, so the vocals will be better controlled and the loud percussion won’t mess with anybody else’s performance.

Performers will enter the live room facing the control room, so that they can see the producer or engineer and coordinate their efforts. The engineers will usually be busy with monitoring how the sound is captured. Afterwards, mixing and other editing will be done to correct issues and add other effects.

Drums are often more complicated to set up and record than other instruments. Each drum needs its own microphone that’s positioned just so in order for it to be recorded individually. Large studios will usually have this, as well as large live rooms for a whole orchestra, but smaller ones may use sequencers instead of live drum recording setups.


There are two main advantages of using a Las Vegas recording studio rather than sticking to your home studio. One, sound is isolated and absorbed perfectly. The studio will be built according to acoustic standards, allowing sound to be captured fully. Two, the sound mixing and control possible with studio equipment can create audio tracks that are just impossible to do at home. You’ll be amazed at how much everything sounds better when it’s recorded professionally.