Born and raised in Rochester, New York, Sam Polizzi discovered his passion for music at the age of 9 when his father sat him down in a professional recording studio and said, “Don’t say anything to anyone.  Just watch.”  Sam did as he was told. He sat down intently in an almost dream-like state as he observed none other than world-renowned Mixing Engineer, Mick Guzauski work his magic. That was it. From that day forward, Sam knew his calling.  He was going to be a world-renowned and recognized Producer/Mixing Engineer. Sitting there in awe, watching every move Mick made, Sam’s future literally materialized right in front of his face.

Fast forward and as life would have it, Sam eventually came full circle. He was allowed the opportunity to mix for the legendary Lou Gramm.

Today Sam is working with some of music’s most elite. His work as both a producer and mixing engineer span across the globe and he has built a respected portfolio working with the industries top-charting artists.

Outside of pure passion and his love for music, Sam makes it a priority to stay ahead of the technological curve in music. He is a passionately skilled mixer utilizing the most cutting-edge, comprehensive audio equipment the industry has to offer. He has recently upgraded his studio to accommodate the latest musical crave utilizing Atmos.

With Sam’s 20+ years in the business, he offers a truly unique, hands-on approach to his work. Blending his experience as a musician, producer and mixer, he covers the complete spectrum of sound with three-dimensional depth to his mixes. His delivery is a superior, expensive sound like no other.

Some of Sam’s credentials include that of RCA, Atlantic, Nettwerk, Sony, numerous independent labels, Lou Gramm (Foreigner), Chris Daughtry and Roses Revolutions (Lyell). His extensive cross-pollination in genres allows him to tackle any mix in any genre authentically with a heartbeat.

Sam’s experience, quality, and passion have allowed him to stand out as one of the foremost in-demand contenders in the music industry. 2021 is launching his largest and most reputable roster to date.  Those artists will be mentioned at the end of this year.